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Please review our trails map before you come visit, to plan where you will park and see where washrooms are located.

Parking is limited at all destinations and reservations may be required. Please do not park in 'no parking 'zones.


Enjoy hiking, cycling, skiing or horseback riding on Caledon's many scenic trails.

Use our Trails Map to see the locations of Caledon's trails, find where to park and where washrooms are located.

Explore our Conservation Areas page for website links you will need to review and plan your trip. 

If you are hiking the Bruce Trail (Caledon is section 15 - 17) maps and details are available online.

The Caledon Trailway runs the full width of Caledon, connects villages and allows the non-motorized traveller to easily cross Highway 10 utilizing the Trailway bridge.

Exploring the beauty and serenity of Caledon's trails is only a couple clicks away.

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