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Introducing the First-Ever Caledon Art Crawl

This summer, the Town of Caledon is hosting its first ever Caledon Art Crawl and you don’t want to miss it! The event is taking place on Saturday, August 13th at the Caledon East Park (6125 Old Church Rd, Caledon East, ON L7C 1G6) from 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

The event will feature over 25 different local artists, artisans, and creatives each showcasing their unique passion and craft. The market will also have live music from local talent, food vendors, and a free arts and crafts workshop hosted by the Caledon Public Library. All in all, this is going to be a fun-filled day perfect for your weekend family outing!

See below for a brief overview of all the participating artists:

Aditi Ganeev Sangwan

Art Medium(s): acrylic paint, cyanotype, & prints

Artist Bio: Born and brought up in India, Sangwan is a Brampton-based visual artist and art educator. She works in diverse mediums comprising painting, printmaking, installations, mixed media, artist books, cyanotypes, textile, text-based works and video too. She has attained her PhD in visual art from Visva Bharati University, Santiniketan India. Where she later served as professor in graphic art. Her art practice constantly involves research-based attitude in the process of making and conceptualizing art works. This brings diversity in language and she takes inspiration from her immediate experiences.

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Art by Anita Pietras

Art Medium(s): pastels

Artist Bio: Anita Pietras is an artist whose work reflects the love and wonder she feels towards the natural world and the spaces surrounding her. She strives to capture feelings of awe and tranquility, and give the viewer a pause to reflect on the beauty that is all around us.  Light plays a big role in her paintings, and she attempts to use colour, value and temperature to portray how it plays and effects forms in the natural world. This is why she loves working with soft pastels – they offer the vibrancy of pure pigment and unbound immediacy and expressive freedom.

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Beagle With A Needle

Art Medium(s): embroidery & crafts

Artist Bio: Cute felt creations and embroidery works, their creations vary from Christmas ornaments, to keychains, to home and baby's room decor... and much more!

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Canela y Miel Jewelry

Art Medium(s): handcrafted jewelry

Artist Bio: Mariela Vega started Canela y Miel Jewelry about 10 years ago, in Santiago de Chile. When she moved to Canada she wanted to continue doing what she loves. Hence, for the past six years she has been participating in some artisan markets and handmade markets, mainly in Brampton, Caledon and Toronto. Her pieces are handmade with a lot of dedication and love, each one of them is unique.

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Captured by Mia

Art Medium(s): photography greeting cards

Artist Bio: Mia Villella’s passion for nature and photography has led her to create her greeting cards. A portion of the proceeds supports Silent Children’s Mission, a non-profit organization, helping the poorest of the poor.  

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Cari Bimbi Art

Art Medium(s): acrylic paint & wood

Artist Bio: Cari Bimbi (car-e-beem-be) specializes in hand-painted children's drawer pulls, wooden letters, art gifts and accessories for your child. Dedicated to creating beautiful, fun accessories for your kids, and kids at heart.

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Clay by Cristi

Art Medium(s): acrylic paint & polymer clay

Artist Bio: Cristina Foschia has found a passion for creating with clay. While it helps relieve her stress, she also creates the most beautiful pieces that she is very proud of.

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Colette Tanel

Art Medium(s): pottery, acrylic on ceramic tiles, watercolour on cards, acrylic on canvas, & painted canvas bags

Artist Bio: Colette Tanel is an avid dabbler in painting and started learning pottery 1 year ago and has fallen in love with it. Creating is mindful and relaxing for her. She is constantly interested in learning more!

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Divine Art by Neetu

Art Medium(s): acrylic paint & mixed media

Artist Bio: Art for Neetu Singh is love and devotion. Singh is a master’s in arts and has participated in few art exhibitions. Singh considers art as food for her soul.

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Fishful Thinking Art

Art Medium(s): pyrography & watercolour paint

Artist Bio: Abby Wynia, owner and artist behind Fishful Thinking Art Co., is a pyrography and watercolour artist with a professional background in freshwater ecology, echoed through the themes and attention to detail seen in her pieces. Inspired by the species and habitats of the many freshwater lakes and rivers of Ontario, Abby creates one-of-a-kind, live edge pieces and original watercolours for the fish enthusiast, guaranteed to catch eyes and spark conversation.

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Forest Pals

Art Medium(s): digital art made into stationary

Artist Bio: Faith Lindsey runs a small business called Forestpals. She is a 22-year-old artist with a passion for cute illustrations that make people happy. Her main art medium is digital art that she turns into physical items such as bookmarks, art prints, stickers, and more. All items are handmade in her home studio.

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Genni Selby

Art Medium(s): acrylic paint & oil paint

Artist Bio: Professional storyboard artist with 30 years experience in the Toronto Animation Industry.  Moved to Caledon in 1997 and began painting Fine Art full time in 2014.  Selby specializes in Equine Art and loves to paint the local environment of her town Caledon. Her love of the natural world inspires her art and dedication to the beauty of land and animals.

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Gurdeep Singh

Art Medium(s): acrylic paint & oil paint

Artist Bio: Gurdeep has earned his master’s degree (MFA) in visual arts from Delhi University. He has been working majorly with abstract for over two decades now. Gurdeep had solo shows in Munich, New York, Delhi and San Diego along with participation in various group shows internationally. His works are in various private and museum collections.

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Haneen Arshad

Art Medium(s): graphite pencil & acrylic pens

Artist Bio: Haneen is an architect and artist that has a passion for heritage architecture. She practices as a conservation architect sustaining all kinds of historic buildings around Ontario, and as an artist she preserves the current condition and beauty of the ornate architecture around the world through illustrations. Haneen creates highly detailed pencil as well as paint marker drawings of the architectural sites she has visited. She loves creating historical sites and enjoys the contrast in between the two mediums she uses that compliment each other. Her work is also noted to be a runner up in an international drawing competition held in Russia.

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Lucy Kristan & Lawrence Kristan

Art Medium(s): wood

Artist Bio: This father and daughter duo are award winning wood turners who have lived in Caledon East since 1978. Their work can be found at the Noodle Gallery and North of 89 Studio. Their woodwork is made locally from downed trees and branches in Caledon and surrounding areas.

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Mary Perkins

Art Medium(s): oil paintings, acrylic pours on ceramic tiles, & printed notecards of my oil paintings

Artist Bio: Mary Perkins is a self-taught artist born and raised in North Toronto. Her love for the outdoors is exhibited in her oil painting nature landscapes, inspired by her recurring time in Toronto, Ottawa, Huntsville and Brampton. Her approach is simply that of capturing what she feels when she gets in front of her canvas. Much like the landscapes that inspire her, Perkins’ style conveys power, emotions and beauty with elegance and realism.

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Redline Creations & Redline Plates

Art Medium(s): customized craft items

Artist Bio: Husband and wife creative duo that took their passion and turned it into two small businesses: Redline Creations and Redline Plates. Redline Creations focused on creating customized gifts such as shirts, tote bags, cups, mugs, and more. Redline Plates on the other hand focuses on creating customized license plate signs.

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Scent & Spirit

Art Medium(s): candles, wax melts, & soaps

Artist Bio: Scent & Spirit makes artisan self-care products with beautiful colours to uplift your spirits. They're made with premium, non-toxic chemicals and cruelty-free ingredients. Every item is hand-poured, tested, labeled and packaged in Caledon, Ontario.

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Shelly Ives

Art Medium(s): acrylic paint, charcoal, conté, pen, & ink

Artist Bio: Shelly loves the experience of taking a concept or idea and expressing it creatively, whether in art or writing. She has expressed her inherent creativity in many forms over the years, from mural and sign painting to graphic design. She’s also dabbled in radio, print and digital journalism. In recent years, Shelly has begun re-exploring her first artistic loves – through drawing and painting the beauty of nature and the human form.

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Sherry Park

Art Medium(s): oil paint

Artist Bio: Shelly Park was born in South Korea and grew up in Ontario. She studied at Ontario College of Art – now (OCAD) – majoring in drawing and painting. In the fourth year, she studied at the Off Campus program in Florence, Italy. Most notable awards received are, Elizabeth Greensheild grant, Mary Pratt Crystal award from the Society of Canadian Artists, 52nd Open International Juried Exhibition, and Jury's Choice award from Salt Spring National Art Prize in British Columbia. Park is an elected member of  Society of Canadian Artist, Ontario Society of Artist, and Colour and Form Society. She has a studio at Alton Mills Arts Center where she loves to paint and be inspired by the beautiful town of Alton.

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Susie Cattedra

Art Medium(s): acrylic paint

Artist Bio: Susie had exhibited a natural talent at a young age and with the encouragement of family and friends she has explored her passion for art. She is a self-taught artist who enjoys finding connections with people through her artwork. Susie's portfolio consists of graphite portraits and acrylic paintings, exploring new techniques, styles and textures. She takes inspiration from the natural world, taking note of its magnificent variation of colour and light, which play a defining role in her works. Her paintings can consist of simple subjects, but her attention to focal details allows her to enhance the unique characteristics of the subject.

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To Pour With Love

Art Medium(s): acrylic paint

Artist Bio: Deborah Powell’s paintings can be found from dining room tables to gallery walls. An unexpected ride of self-exploration through abstract art. With no art background, inspired by bold colours, nature’s beauty, and the visual memories and adventures on and below the water. Magnificently enhancing her life and all those who choose to share a paint night with her.

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Trés Crochet

Art Medium(s): yarn, crochet, & felt

Artist Bio: Alessia Newberry is a 19-year-old crochet artist. She began crocheting during the pandemic to pass the time and fell in love with making plushies and flower bouquets. Trés Crochet has gained a lot of momentum in this short period of time and has reached over 30K followers on Instagram.

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VanDoh Creations

Art Medium(s): Woodworking, laser cut acrylics, ornaments, interior & exterior wooden signs

Artist Bio: Dwight VanAlstine grew up just outside Caledon East. Dwight's father was a builder throughout Caledon, hence woodworking is in his DNA.

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Venus Moon Emporium

Art Medium(s): candles, crystals, & soaps

Artist Bio: Venus Moon Emporium is a women-owned business that specializes in sustainably sourced, artisan hand crafted soap, intention candles, and crystal infused bath & beauty products.

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